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90 BGN per night with breakfast and dinner for two

1.1 Data Merchant:
Apart Hotel Four Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover BanskoLtd.
EIK: 200250276
Titular: Dimitar Mihov
Bulgaria, Bansko,
Str. Yavor 99
Tel: 00 359 749 54554; 749 85221 / 00359 87637511
fah. 00 359 887855586

1.2 Terms and method for providing services, advance payment of the full amount
Taxes :

a/Maintenance tax covers the following services:
The Owner assigns and the Manager accepts and is obliged for a remuneration to maintain and realize organizational management, technical maintenance and administrative management of residential complex Four Leaf Clover in the city of Bansko, region Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The management of the complex includes the following:
  • Organizational management: organizing the internal order in the four buildings and equipment and common areas in the complex; rendering the Owners with assistance and help for a calm and undisturbed residence in the complex and the ability of the Owner to exercise his Right of ownership of the property and the Complex, as a whole.
  • Technical maintenance of the common installations, equipment and common areas of the buildings, the washing rooms, the green area and the parking lot.
  • Organization of 24 hour outside security of the complex
  • Organization of sanitary-hygiene service in the complex and the common areas of the four buildings.
  • Organization of the paid services offered in the complex.

Maintenance tax is paid once a year and is non-refundable.

b/ Hotel Reservations
Lux studio
One bedroom

1.3 Conditions for Cancellations / cancellation policy /
Opportunity to cancel
Up to 3 days before the first night hotel does not charge commission for cancellation made.
Penalty and the amount of indemnity payment of first night.
Method of cancellations - email and fax.

1.4 Refund paid by the card holder amounts / refund policy /
choice of another package
In the absence of an alternative which can offer hotel recovering 100 percent of the amount paid by the customer - if not possible to implement the service attributable to the hotel

1.5 Description of contract
Number of contract
Details of your reservation
Service price
A lump sum payment to the hotel
Data merchant
Please cardholder to print and keep a copy of your order for future reference