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What kind of apartment will make your stay with us EPIC?

Find your HOME in Bansko, Bulgaria

With so many people coming to Bansko, for different periods of times, and for different reasons-
We know that each person needs something a bit different.
Which is why we have 6 apartment types to offer you- for short or long term rentals.
Each apartment is it’s own individual unit, with a private bathroom,
A sleeping area, and a functioning kitchenette. 
(And WiFi, of course.)
Click on the apartment you like for more details, pricing, and a video tour!

Want a Video tour?

They say that a photo equals 1,000 words… So how many words are a video?
We made video tours of our different apartments, with this tour here- of the Studio Plus (usually prefered by digital nomads in bansko)
Have a look at it here, or check out ALL apartment tours on our Youtube Channel!

Want to know More?

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